Nvidia 3d Vision Integration in UE 4.14

Hi all,
I need to enable Nvidia Stereoscopic 3d vision in our UE 4.14.3 project.

  1. I did some research and learned that almost all games using dx d3d drivers can be played in 3d vision i.e. Nvidia’s shutter glasses automatically tick in , but this was not the case for UE projects for Win64 after Packaging them in Shipping Config. Still cannot understand why or what happens in the rendering pipeline for Nvidia drivers to automatically turn on in games or 3d apps like Google Earth.
  2. Learned UE does not support for enabling 3d vision by default so this had to be done manually.
  3. Looking for plugins or other sources , found DarkStarSword’s plugin for 3d vision here ,
  4. That plugin worked for UE 4.9 (not so nice rendering though) but not for UE 4.14 due incompatibilities in latest api’s for which i have posted in the above mentioned thread.
    Any workarounds or education regarding this would be appreciated.
    Sources or links to working code samples , examples or plugins would be really helpful.

hello, did you find any solution to that?