Nvidea Ansel Photography Plug In & UE4


Not sure where to post this on the forms but I have run into an Issue where I can’t use the Nvidea Ansel Photography plugin with Unreal Engine Version 4.21.

I was running an older version of driver before updating the graphics card driver and it was running fine.

When running in editor with the updated graphics card driver the following happens.

When pressing Alt F1 it saves a camera shot to gallery.

When pressing Alt F2 this pops up “can’t photograph in game menus”

Is there any fix for this?

Started a ticket with nvidea customer care to see if they can get a solution.

I am facing the same problem. I didn’t get any solution neither from Epic nor Nvidia. Hope you’ll find something out. Just post the solution here please

For an update:

The bug I reported is under investigation. Thanks for your patience.

So hopefully they can figure out how to fix this. :slight_smile:

The same happens to me, it would be fantastic to have a solution

Still trying to get an answer. They keep sending me the help pages on how to enable it. Maybe one day this will be fixed. :slight_smile:


If you package a game and launch outside of unreal you can use Ansel.

Ansel not will work if you launch a standalone in editor.

Hopefully we can that feature working again. :slight_smile:


In both standalone or packaged app it doesn’t work on Nvidia Experience