NvCloth and Blender How to?


how do you use nvcloth?

i rigged a mesh in blender
it imports fine with bones

but when i go to the cloth paint tool it says ‘no assets available’

do i need to do something special with the bone or put the mesh through some other software or something?
i assume it does not need to go through the old apex software?

bump :slight_smile:

i have tried all sorts and nothing seems to work

hi tegleg,

have you figured it out yet?

try enabling the in editor cloth editor,it’s experimental but you could try it out

Have you marked the piece you want to be cloth and made it into cloth?

And then assigned said cloth piece to the component…taking picutres to show…easier that way:

Then right click to get menu:

okay, so I already did the thingy, so the stuff thats grayed out with mine, is where you create the cloth piece, and assign PhysicsModel, then you can paint the stuff on it with “Cloth Paint” :slight_smile:

Hope this kinda helps

“Then right click to get menu:”

thank you WideBoy

I’m having the same issue. I was able to create the cloth peice, assigned the physics model, and applied the clothing to the mesh. But I have no option to Paint the Cloth. I do not have that “ClothPaint” tab at the top of my screen next to Asset Details, how did you get that?

nvm, you just have to enable the window in the Window dropdown :S