NVCloth...Am I missing something?!

Hello all!

I am trying to set up my characters to have clothing, however, there is no option under the Experimental section for clothing tool. I see Cloth Painting button in my skeletal mesh window, but when I click on it I am prompted to load a cloth apex file. I am running the latest 4.19.2

Am I missing something?

While I haven’t dove into the NVCloth thing myself yet, I been kind of gathering resources for tutorials along the way of me planning my first game and I actually came across this guy who does a lot of tutorials on NVcloth and bookmarked him. Might be something there to help you out. Seen no one responded to your post and sorry I can’t help much but this guy might have something to the effect to resolve the issue your on.


That link should take you straight to his series on NVcloth. Hope that gets you more info on that. I believe there is a little setup process to get what your looking for, just not sure the exacts

I finally figured this out, or at least started to last night. The tools were available they were just non-intuitive and required a lot of extra steps to “work”.

Here is what I did in case anyone else is having an issue.

  1. Within your Skeletal Mesh Click on Selection Tool
  2. Click on the “layer” of material that you want to simulate cloth
  3. Right Click
  4. Create Clothing Object
  5. In your LOD0 section on the left scroll down to the layer you selected
  6. Select the drop down for CLOTHING to be your clothing item from step 4
  7. Click on your Cloth painting tool in the toolbar (or under the WINDOW option in the menu, Clothing)
  8. Adjust your brush settings accordingly
  9. Click out of the brush tool to see your settings simulated
  10. Adjust sliders accordingly for different results

I hope the devs revisit this and make this a bit more user friendly. I.e. Click clothing paint tool. Click on your mesh. Confirm the layer. Paint.

Further, It would be great to have some preset options for clothing types to start as a “base” and then tweak from there. Too many options that affect things in weird and mysterious ways.

@threepm actually thanks for sharing that, I got bored and was toying with the cloth feature and caught what you were asking about, i was lost too, now that I see this I get that there is steps involved. Good to know when I reach that level lol. I am still at the beginning stages of feeling my way around the engine. Came in to ask about a BP for landscape materials but notice its kind of hit and miss to get responses so I figured I at the least could pass what I seen to you.

I am pretty sure 10 years from now this engine will be so complex and crazy that user friendly is going to be mighty tough but in this cloth area, I agree they should have something to express the steps or even a tutorial bubble built in.

Are you looking for assistance with Landscape layers? I can try to assist. I am also new to Unreal but have been making my way through and spending a bit of time with the landscaping tools.

Yea see you got past me by looking at that work you did on that landscape in the photo, but I am shooting for a similar realistic photorealistic style as you gained lol. @threepm if you don’t mind and have the time to check out my issue, be awesome to get an opinion about this blue print. I will shoot you a private message, that way I don’t eat up this thread on you and ruin your answer you figured out in case others need the info. Really appreciate it, maybe you can make heads or tails of this lol