NutsNuts Walk

First run at architectural visualization in Unreal Engine 4 done by Nuts Nuts
Modelling, texturing, shading were done by our team
Time estimation 3 weeks fulltime work of 4 people.

man you are killing me :slight_smile:

Excellent work!!!

Wow, that rusty and seasoned texture is marvellous!

This is absolutely stunning. Perfect composition, great texturing, and overall a beautiful piece.

Awesome visuals, color contrast and lighting is beautiful!

that level of realistic, good job man, u done a great freaking job here

Woooow guys great! Realy nice lighting and details.

is there any thing special about your lighting or settings???


Can you please tell me are lights shadows and everything baked, or you used UE lights and shadows? can you move lights(sun) and make night render? or you need to bake everything for night?

Love it! Is that neofur on the carpet?

That Marshall tube amp top needs its own loudspeakers, you cant plug that into the stereo.
If you really play the marshall stack then, this little flat will burst.