Numeric index to AlphaNumeric index

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How to tie the alpha numeric array to the indexes 0 -63 representing the mesh pieces of the board ??(see picture below),

Note : see this post’s answer : Combine 2 array elements into one array element - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums

the automated alpha numeric system was created thanks to " Nebula Games Inc " on answerhub :

Not sure how exactly your “construction script” sets up the game board, like is A1 always index 0, B1 index 1 etc or however you have them organized A1, A2…either way if it is consistently constructing the chess tiles in the same order each time you can simply add a “string” variable to the parent mesh BP and assign it using the same index as the array of strings we created earlier. So basically your construction script creates the array then creates the meshes. Use the index of your “for loop” as the input to a “get” node for the string array and create a string variable in the parent mesh that each of your tiles inherits from and set it to the value of the string in the “get” node at the same index.

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thank you very much for your support again , here is the entire construction script which is just folowing Tefel’s tutorial about a chess game .,

Now how to decide is it Dark chess pieces turn or Bright chess pieces turn depending on this construction .!?? …
i tried with the material references i took from the chess pieces materials , but no good …

Just add a Boolean to your game instance or something and have the player controller or whatever handles input check if that Boolean is true or not. So true white moves false black moves etc shouldn’t be hard at all.

Here is another post question where i’m showing the player controller and Function called “Click” which is fired everytime you click the mouse , this function and the construction script is all there is to it up until now in this chess game ,…

I mean you have a chess board actor BP and its construction script is shown above in this post and we get the mouse position in player controller then call this Click function created in side this chess board BP actor shown in this redirected Post : How to decide is dark or bright turn in Function Click called in player Controller - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

So if you please please take look at this function and tell me how can i decide if it is dark pieces turn or bright pieces turn ,and how to go about setting the allowed moves , i mean how to increment the arrays numeric or alpha numeric relative to a given tile …

Thank you.