Numbers inputs won't work

I’m getting started in UE4 and I’m following some tutorials. At some point we create an action mapping to trigger a healing ability with the 1 key.
It works perfectly in the video but in my project it does nothing.
So I tried binding a letter, it worked. So the blueprints for the ability aren’t the problem
It also works with the numpad numbers.
The only way I can get the ability to work with the numbers above the letters is by binding &(1) é(2) "(3) '(4) etc but I can only
bind é(2) è(7) and ç(9) the rest don’t show any result (see the picture)
I’m using an AZERTY keyboard and maybe it comes from this, I don’t know
What can I do to fix this issue? Once again, in the video he just assigns 1 2 3 4 etc and it works
I don’t undestand what’s different when I do it