Numbers by Offset?


Let’s say I got 20 doors, and every door should have a number (texture).

I was thinking about a material only solution with “flipbook” and “world space offset”, but I don’t want to have 20 material instances, just to set the offset value every time with aparameter. And I don’t think the offset position of the mesh and the skipping to the next number will work properly?

I guess a BP with a “construction script” will work best? So, I can set up every number with a parameter within a mesh actor individually.

What would be the best way to achieve this (and how)?


@TCBmbw You could do it with a decal that’s applied to the door material. The decal material contains all the numbers in a grid and you can access them using a parameter in the material instance. Any good?

I would rather avoid useing 20+ material instances (and decals).

I’m looking more for something which can be done directly in a mesh actor with a dynamic material in a construction script.

Hey, TCBmbw.

Do you know about our Lord and Saviour, the Dynamic Material Instance?
You can set it up in Construction Script or in the Event Graph if you want to change stuff at runtime.

(Here’s a BlueprintUE version of the screenshot.)](Dynamic Material Instances > | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4)

I hope this is what you were looking for.



Thank you.
Currently I’m alredy stuck in the material creation regarding the flip book material. I want to use the flipbook without animations, just toggling/skipping from one number to the other.
I thought I could stop the animation and kinda offset it with a parameter, but it did not work.

I know I could do it without the flipbook function, with a simple offset divide and exposed parameters - it’s o.k for a lower amount of numbers, but not very handy with larger amounts of numbers.

Issue solved…thx.

Did find a solution for the material here:…blueprint.html