Number of sockets on Static/Skeletal mesh

Hi there,
I’m wondering is there such thing as too many sockets on static/skeletal mesh? Do sockets affect in any way on performance? Is it okay to have hundreds of sockets, for example on the car?

Thanks :grin:

I don’t believe it does much, but I’m more of a noob in unreal than most on the forums (three months, four maybe). They’re really just points on a mesh. The only issue you might have is with movement, where it’s changing 300 values each tick, but it depends on what kind of performance you’re looking for. If you’re using these sockets, then it might screw with your performance, but if not maybe maybe not (the engine might automatically offload any sockets not being used).

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Thanks for the answer. Yeah, I thought similar, but just wanted to check. We won’t be using too many at the same time, maybe 10-15 at the time, but we need to have a lot of different ones, so it will be a lot of them unused.