Number of seconds overflow in BP is hard so solve?

How do you solving increasing time in the games (with save/load so you can get really big times)?

I can set float seconds to 10 000 000,0 and incrementing it by 1,0. That works and this is equal of 115 days. But this one 100 000 000,0 does not work and not incrementing anything. I understand the variable limits and precision (although I did not find exact limits in the documentation anywhere), but how to solve it?

I found one solution - to break elapsed seconds to min/hour/day struct and save like that, but that will make comparation very difficult (quest: do something in 30 minutes).

But what about other situations - running server for 300 days, that is also impossible, it will stuck on some day number around 175 and it will not increase anymore (if not crash), because BP nodes often returns float numbers as seconds from game/server start.