Number Enum Entries Returning Zero

So I have a combo box utilizing an enumeration that I cycle through to add options. GetNumberEntriesOfEnum node works here.

The combo is in its own widget bp. In my main widget, I listen for when the selection is changed, and based on the selection, try to access a row with the same string name as the enumeration value.

In this section, for some reason, GetNumberEntriesOfEnum returns zero. I have restarted the engine, renamed the enum, scanned for a hidden old asset in the physical folder, refreshed the node in the blueprint, deleted and put in a new node, but it continues to return zero. The funny thing is, GetNumberEntriesOfEnum returns zero, and because it always adds one more value, I have it attached to a -1 node, which oddly also returns zero, even though it should return -1 since 0-1=-1.

Does anyone have any clue what might be causing this?