Num Custom Data Floats on BPs

On HISM or ISM components there’s an option called Num Custom Data Floats, which is really nice. Except crashs on few constellations (already reported) it does what I want that it does - at least on my test map + test actor. Now I want to use it on my current projekt, but I can’t because there’s a missing node for Blueprints.

I have to add new HISM components to my actor on runtime (depends on players actions). There is no other solution for my needs. But this way I cannot choose the number of Num Custom Data Floats. There is no way to change it with blueprint-nodes (no variable, no specific node).
I think one reason is, that changing this number will crash the editor on some cases. So it cannot be changed on normal graphs after HISM got spawned. It has to be set on construct on “Details” pannel (at current state).

A node “Add Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh Component With Num Custom Data Floats” could solve this issue. Not just for me, but also for others like I read on other sections of this forum.

Since there was no response: Is it something that may get implemented in further versions (5.1 or 5.2) or is it a better idea to look into C++ written custom nodes for that purpose?