Nuke to UE4 - Camera


We are currently using NukeX to generate 3d cameras for import into UE4, when using the sequencer i’m able to see the keyframes and the camera seems correct, although it’s facing the ground instead of the action and suffering from scale differences.

We are trying a path via Max, including baking keys and resetting transforms, feeling like we are close but missing something…

Any advice on how to smoothly ensure our Nuke and UE4 cameras are the same would be appreciated!


the final path we are using is Nuke → Maya → Max → Datasmith -->UE4, works brilliantly although many more steps than we would like!

Hi Dave I am tracking in NukeX 6.3v01 and want to import cameras into Unreal 4.20.2.
What would best method be?

Here is my workflow I jus figured out.
The translation scale seems way too small for Unreal inside Nuke.
So I upped it with PY expression.