Nuke Alembic File UV problems


We are trying to import alembic files into Unreal. After having issues with custom mesh assets, we moved onto simple cards as a test.
An exported ABC file from Nuke comes in with destroyed UV’s. That same ABC file imports just fine into Maya17 and has all of the UV data. If we do nothing but export out another ABC from Maya17 and import that into Unreal the UV’s are now correct. As I’m sure you understand, a pipeline that contains two identical export steps in not a workable solution.

I have tried to attach our test ABC files as a zip but was denied by the upload tool. Please advise how I can help the Epic team.

Cinema 4D → UE4
Static Mesh

I open .abc file in C4D - this correct UV

and tank track - Export Alembic File (C4D to UE4) UV Bug? - YouTube

animate and UV in C4D correct - Test Tank Track - YouTube