Nuclear Maiden (Dawn of Fire) - Post Apocalyptic FPS RPG

Nuclear Maiden - Dawn of Fire

Hi everybody, I’m an artist and founder of a new company, the K-Storm-Studio LTD formed just before the lockdown. Despite the period we are working to few projects and Nuclear Maiden game is currently the main one.

At K-Storm-Studio we want to break down the rules!

If you feel your loneliness in the crowd, if you’re struggling in finding your place in the world, if you notice something wrong in the system, if you find the crack in the white wall and the gears anticlockwise, if you see the darkness when is sunshine, if you feel sadness at Christmas, if you wanna shout but you can’t be heard, if you wanna rush but you seem to be in a cage, if you have to say “yes” but you wanna say “f…k off”, well … visit the pre-launch page at the link below and follow us!

Nuclear Maiden Dawn of Fire is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter and rpg based in the apocalyptic future after the environmental catastrophe and the nuclear armageddon caused by giant corporations.

Despite part of the engine is done I’ll be showing you some gameplay videos later. Here you can have a look at the first location still under development.

More soon on our official magazine and on steam :slight_smile:

More pics as the first preview of the first location of Nuclear Maiden

Update pics
and engine

Update and soon the Indiegogo pre-launch campaign page (of course we want your emails :slight_smile: )

The pre-launch phase of the dedicated Indiegogo campaign is now started!

I know that here all we are developers and all your are developing your own games but follow this campaign and I’m sure you can find something close to your soul in this game

Indiegogo prelaunch page updated.

We would like to get in touch with you fellow developers :slight_smile:

Please follow us on facebook: Redirecting...

And please help us the project or even share it and talk your friends, we need feedback :slight_smile:

Love you