NPCs getting violently bounced away

I have some large NPCs that are physically collidable with the player, but whenever this occurs the NPCs get violently thrown far away.

I would expect there to be a mass or precedence or even dampening that can be applied to this interaction, but haven’t had any luck finding one that works.

For simplicity, consider the example of an NPC with a CapsuleComponent.

On this component there is a “Physics” tab that includes promising values like Mass in kg, Linear & Angular Dampening, etc…

but none of these seem to change the interaction at all.

Additionally, the Step Up On option is set to “ECB No”.

Whenever the player charges these NPCs, they get flung away.

Any ideas?

May seem like an obvious answer, but just for process of elimination, is “Enable Gravity” checked in the Physics tab?

Yes. Though I just now went back and double checked that unchecking it doesn’t seem to change the underlying problem. My NPC remains a virtual balloon in terms of being able to be bounced into the sky when charged.