NPC Spawning System - Optimized to handle large number of NPCs (multiplayer)

I am looking for someone to help develop a proper NPC spawning system with multiplayer functionality for a game I own on steam. I need the NPC system to be optimized for large numbers of NPCs. We already have a basic stasis system. This should only be a few hours of work. I would need to see prior experience and would like to have a copy of your resume for record keeping. Just to give an example, look at the games Rust, ARK Survival, and Conan Exiles. We need an NPC system which is optimized to handle the number of NPCs ARK Survival can handle.

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FYI, the ways these games work is generally not by spawning NPCs, but by pooling them. Spawning actors is expensive in a networked environment.

Hey Ambershee!

Long time no see haha. How are you doing? Do you know anyone who might be interested in doing something like this?

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o/ - keeping busy!

Unfortunately, not off the top of my head. Best of luck though!