npc Dialog system

Can anyone help me? I’m working on game that is similar to games like Chilla art’s, and Puppet combo makes. But what I need help with is making a npc dialog and then having the Npc leaves and go to a certain location. If anyone can hepl it would be great.

Creating such a system would require many components, I suggest having a look at YouTube for a tutorial or alternatively the Unreal Engine Marketplace - Dialog System

Hey @spiderfoyo! Welcome to the community!

Before jumping straight towards a specific game setup, I really suggest getting a base understanding of how UE5 works, so that you aren’t confused by more advanced concepts. Try this one out first:

Then once you’re through that you’ll have a pretty good understanding. From there, I suggest any tutorials on AI controllers, as that’s what you’ll be using regarding the movement. You’ll probably use a Blueprint Interface to call actions on your NPC AI to have it do certain things after dialog boxes.

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