NPC Creation?

Hey guys. I was wondering if there is a way to create an NPC (perhaps with the already existing mesh) and give it the ability to perform functions. For instance, a shopkeep of sorts. I have created an in-game economy on my private server and instead of using a storage box mechanism, I would like to have an NPC to have the ability to take items within the game and turn them into different items (currency). Sort of how the compost bin turns thatch and feces into fertilizer. Just as an example, you access the NPCs inventory and give him a rifle. He then turns the rifle into metal ingots.

I guess the first question is can I even create an static NPC whose only function would be to staff a trading outpost.

Second, how would I go about giving this NPC the ability to do what I described.

Third, is there a way to set a value on any given item in the game for use by the NPC

Thanks ahead guys.

that is a super neat concept. The ability to turn something into something else, as you put it, may be restricted to PrimalItem. You may not be able to create a PrimalCharacter that can do this, but maybe create a new primal item that uses a human mesh?

Have not researched, but sounds plausible.

Look at how the files: CompostBin, PrimalINventoryBP_CompostBin, and PrimalItemConsumable_Fertilizer_Compost works, the keyword in those files is Auto Craft.

In the PrimalItemConsumable_Fertilizer_Compost I can see where “Crafting Requires Inventory Component” links it back to the compost bin, but oddly enough the metal ingot doesn’t seem to have that link with the forge.