NPC Blendspace

Hi all,
I’ve got some NPCs bimbling about in my world. I’m wanting to switch animations on the NPCs at random points per individual. The points are set and it’s working, but I’m using ‘play animation’ nodes, and it’s clunky. I need to transition between states, and I’m currently having trouble returning to the base blendspace from playing an animation. To resolve this, I’m trying to use a second blendspace, but I’m honestly in over my head. I don’t get how to make the NPC see state triggers in the same way a player character would.
These are my graphs and new blendspace -

I thought that setting the boolean would just go straight into the new BS, do I need to trigger this again in some way?
If this isn’t a good way to do it, how can I return to the blendspace after manually playing an animation?
I can go back to 4.27 if needed - but I don’t think that the version is relevant for this issue.
Thanks for reading!