NPC Behavior help


I’m beginning work on a project in Unreal based on NPC interaction with an environment. The character will be going through a daily routine cycle within an apartment, doing things such as sleeping, eating and using the computer. I’ve been looking to behavior trees and I’m just wondering whether there are any good tutorials based on this kind of NPC AI that I would find useful.

Thanks for any help

I would recommend going to and reading all the articles they have on smart objects an the sims. You will need a task scheduler , basic behaviors for given tasks and behavior overrides for when they are operating on specific smart objects.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I am also looking for an answer to this. Are there any resources available on this topic that do not require a subscription?

googled “Behaviour tree”

first link was a good resource

just think about what conditions need to drive what actions. think about people work in Sims, there are conditions the agent needs fulfilled and it makes decisions based on what conditions are the most urgent