NPC along spline when overlapping collision with player

I am trying to make an NPC that moves along a spline when the player character overlaps with a collision box on the NPC. I want it to stop when the player is outside of the collision box and continue where they left off on the spline if they overlap again.
I got the NPC to run along the spline just fine, but the rest is a bit of a mystery to me.

So the question is; How do I make an NPC that moves along a spline only when its collision box overlaps with the player?

Hey there @SEOT97! Welcome to the community! So after doing a tutorial like this you’ll have an event for moving the object along the spline. To extend this all you’d have to do is place an overlap collider on the object on the spline, then whenever there’s an overlap, check if it’s the player, if it is the player then play the timeline. When the overlap with the player ends, then you stop the timeline, or if you want it to roll back you’d set the timeline to reverse.

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