NOYS - The virtual music festival

Hello Community, Hello Devs, Hello Epic,

My name is Fatih and i want to show you a glimpse of NOYS, a project that has been the major part
of our life for almost a year now. I’m the dev for this project and picked unreal because it was free
for students (like in the same day we were trying to bring our first ideas to life) and most importantly
because we didn’t have to code a single line!

**First check out our first teaser: **

I’m 24, an Interaction Designer from germany with a lot of experience inside visual programming languages.

Before we start i have to point out that i can’t talk about the major parts of NOYS because we are still working on them.
NOYS is not a videogame. It is a service build for the prospective musicians of our time.

NOYS is born as a bachelor’s degree project made by 3 people. Music is a really big part of our lives,
from listening to it to really making music by ourselves. We know a lot of semi professional or “trying to be pro” musicians,
we also know, i’m sure you heard/felt it too, that they have a lot of problems. Problems similar to ours, but yet it’s something different.

Initially, we wanted to create something that will help musicians to improve their skills
while really rising the chances to be able to live solely from being a Musician.

The result of really really long days is what we have today:
NOYS - The virtual festival,
a on-demand service for digital and immersive music concerts. **

In 6 months we did a lot of stuff like research, interviews, discussions, designs, concepts,
renderings, demos, prototypes. And in between i’ve been learning to use UE4.
So the stuff you will see is just a really really small piece of what the whole concept is about.

Here we have a small example of our Oculus Rift Demo we have been carrying around lately.
Optimized for 75fps on a rather aged machine we had to start small
We wanted to create a mix of northern and asian influences, with a lot of romantic details for the concert.

Here are some screenshots of one of the environments build for desktop use.
We tried to recreate the feel of the 60’s while maintaining solid FPS.
It was build rather fast with many assets taken from the internet.

There is also a whole App build around that, hopefully we will be able to talk about that soon.
We will use this Thread to show you the worlds we are building with the help of the Unreal Engine.

If you like the idea so far please follow this thread, follow us on twitter or Facebook.
Sooner or later we will need the help of talented unreal devs and artists!
Until then feel free to ask questions and more importantly tell us what you think!

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Hey there,

besides almost drowning in paperwork, we managed to get into some sessions in which we quickly sketch new Worlds.
This one is heavily inspired by the amazing Open World assets by Epic.

The idea was to build a world that feels very powerful, big and relaxing.
Its not fully optimized for VR yet but we will keep trying out new stuff.

Final Image

Worked on lighting and shadows

First Sketch

More Details

Our great Earth

Thanks to a lot of tutorials

With crystals and anti-gravity we tried to pull the visitors out of the known world


Epic provided some seriously good looking Foliage

Who wouldn’t want to be in this place with some great Music.

Stay tuned for more!

This looks pretty interesting, looking forward to seeing how it will progress.

May I ask, what exactly is the purpose of this project? A VR music festival? From the looks/sounds of it, you’re attempting to create something where musicians can perform live from anywhere in the world, and stream their performance over the internet and into a VR headset.

If so, you’ve got your work cut out for you. I recently had to backburner a somewhat similar project in Unreal Engine, simply because the engine isn’t ready for live audio capture, nor is it ready to parse and visualize that data, and I simply do not have the skill to make it do so. From my research on the subject, there are few Unreal devs capable of that, though it most certainly is possible.

I assume if you’re doing any kind of audio visualization you’ve had to implement your own FFT, as Epic’s plugin is pretty much useless outside of the editor. If you find a way to package Epic’s audio visualization plugin, I’d love to hear it. And if you find a way to import live audio from an external source at runtime, I’d love to hear that too. Both of those hurdles are super difficult to overcome. But I tell you what, if Unreal Engine had those features, you’d see a whole **** ton of projects popping up that utilized them. Audio visualization will be huge for virtual reality and the music industry.