Now with version 4.8 static sprites doen't update with construction script

Was working nice with 4.7.* but now my construction scripts doesn’t update the sprite value of sprite component.
So when I change an editable property in the editor that should change the sprite via construction script it doesn’t work.

That because I was using its Mobility as Static for this PaperSprite component.

In other similar blueprint classes that I have with Mobility set to Movable everything works fine.

The solution could be change all to Movable but this affect all my 12 game levels making a mess that I have to fix every actor since all of them lose its default value set by me in the level editor… :frowning:

Hey piXelicidio,

Would you mind providing me with some reproducible steps/images so I can test this issue on my end?

Yes, I have already answered with screenshots and more details here to Eric Ketchum: Makes any difference Movable or Static property for Paper2D sprites? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

He created a bug report UE-17523

Ok, since it has already been reported on a different post I am going to mark this one as resolved for tracking purposes. Thank you for the update!


Andrew Hurley

I can confirm that this bug was successfully fixed in update 4.8.2 :slight_smile: