(Now Live) Unreal Nexus - Create, Share and Experience

This is awesome

Thank you guys! :smiley:

Please note that Unreal Nexus Store will also be launching very soon where you can sell absolutely anything related to Unreal!! (your games, assets, projects, C++ plugins, extensions) :smiley:

I seem to be having trouble registering, I fill out all the info, click Register, a spinny wheel pops up and does it’s thing for a couple seconds, then nothing happens and the Register button becomes clickable again. I checked my email to be sure that I didn’t need to confirm any account stuff via email, but haven’t received anything.

You should get a Verify Email to your account and a welcome message too.

Is it typically pretty quick in terms of turnaround time or is it a bit of a delay? I’ve tried in Firefox and IE (I’m at work currently) and haven’t gotten anything in my inbox and have gotten the same result on both. (not upset, just figured I’d relay it to you :slight_smile: )

It is typically pretty quick. Can you please tell me your name you use to register? I’ll check now.

I just used the name hippowombat :slight_smile:

Can you PM me your email address?

Hey ryanjon2040,

Looks great, I am keen to see how things progress with this!
One thing, I am having a similar problem to Hippowombat in that my registration email has not come through?
I have pm’d you my address, no rush though :slight_smile:

Keep it up mate!


@hippowombat Check your PM :slight_smile:

Thank you Connor. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please check your PM.

Hey everyone,

I am very happy to announce that Unreal Nexus has been launched! You can post projects, hire freelancers and share your portfolio and more. We are still adding a lot more features like In-Built Social Media System, User Blogs, Nexus Store, Nexus Learning Centre and more. For latest news, please follow Unreal Nexus @Twitter](https://twitter.com/UnrealNexus) and Facebook.

See you on Nexus :wink:

Well, I’ll try anything once.

So it looks as though (from what I can tell) that this is a useful platform for posting projects that still need to be completed, i.e. a team-building/talent scouting site. Is there functionality for simply sharing projects/assets that are already completed? I have several free assets/blueprint systems and would love to share them on a centralized, noteworthy site, rather than just sharing links from my dropbox on various forums. (I get the filehosting portion is on me for now, but sharing that link to a site dedicated to asset sharing specifically would be nice.)

We are working on Nexus Store right now where you can sell games, projects, assets as paid or free :slight_smile:

Awesome <3

Just heard about this in an older Youtube video - the site appears to be down. Is this no longer available, or did the URL change?

im the only who cant get acces to the site?


The domain has expired so noone has access anymore.

Really sorry about that guys. I’ve had some financial troubles so I failed to pay for the server. But anyway, good news is I have not abandoned the idea and this will soon be up and running with a store so currently working on the webpage for all that stuff. Once it’s up and running you can sell your projects, plugins, games (and a lot more) etc. :slight_smile:

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