Now is the time to get serious about optimization and performance -> Rises in energy prices

When energy prices rise, everything becomes more expensive, as everything we use is produced, stored and shipped using energy. Add to that the pandemic and ongoing logistics disruptions and we have an avalanche of problems on the horizon.

As for computers and the internet, both server bills and home utility bills are about to explode.

If your multiplayer code isn’t optimised, you will either charge more, earn less or go broke trying.

The winter of 2022 - 2023 will have a significant drop in luxury purchases and people will be forced to do with what they have, repair what is broken and opt for second hand items.

If you are aiming for a super graphics UE5 game for 2023, you may not have enough players able to run it. In fact, you may not even have enough time to make it, because upcoming rental, utilities, insurance and food prices may force you to take a second job or create a job fast, just to keep your current life.

Eventually, the current Government programs for covid subsidies will have to be paid back, as these are often loans. That will happen through taxation.

This should all be good and well again in about 15-25 years time.

The good news is, that we are moving very fast through rough times, towards something more sustainable and local.

If you act now and prepare for the future, your product might be way more competitive and affordable.

Which brings me to the final point, which applies to young people in general:

Investigate upcoming technologies and how they will relate to what you love to do. Should you get into crypto, blockchain and NFT’s? Cloud based systems? Educational software? Architecture? VR? AR? Robotics? Simulations? AI and Machine Learning? Automatic driving systems? Something else?

Whatever you learn today, has the potential, or not, to be valuable in the future. If your game has no success, you better have created some skills you can earn money from, because the jobs market is going to jump up and down for quite some time now. A huge portion of companies that haven’t been run efficiently and/or had good emergency funds, will go bankrupt within three years. That probably means most businesses around today. Traditional jobs are not going to be on a silver platter between 2023 and 2028.

Hint: There are heaps of grants and funds aimed at specific categories AND combining that with some charities, can increase your chances of getting public and private funding with very little strings attached.

Here is an idea for that: Create a team of as much diversity as you can, create a game with focus on solving some issue, like cleaning up the oceans, teaching kids how to recycle at home, running a refugee camp, creating a transparent democracy, figuring out solutions to homelessness, reduce political polarisation through some humane and unifying efforts in-game, and so forth. Then team up with some charity organisation in that field and offer them a percentage of possible profits in exchange for their name and logo on your PR material. → Just don’t do it for political reasons to shove some agenda down the throats of your players.

All while figuring out how to minimise CPU, GPU and RAM usage.

If it was me, I’d go 100% capitalist on this and work on military simulations. One thing is certain; our leaders never run out of OUR money when it’s time to kill.

firstly have to say this is in part a result of the global chip shortage,
started by trumps import tax that caused many chip users like the auto industry to place large orders for milions of chips ,with the extra costs to ensure they got them before the tax came in force
this itself caused the backlog at the chip fabs , that in turn drove up prices globaly , the industry trump taxed suffered no losses itself , but it will be years before the fabs catch up ,

the down side regarding power consumption is older hardware uses more power to do less than the latest chips , making the harware arround at the moment less eficiant to run than a new equivalent

as to environmental issues and energy , a few years back there was a big push to use low power flurecant lamps , all marked as (environmentaly friendly) that is untill they break and you end up with quite a lot of environmentaly unfriendly materials like mercury to get shut of , more recently the switch is towards led lighting way better in both power consumption and no recycleing hazards

wind farms , did you know the paint used to paint them is the issue , and as a environmental toxin , the paint used to paint them alone has a bigger environmental inpact than a nuke plant where the same power output is the referance

now it seems thers the big push for electric cars , heres the problem batteries , theres not enough materials to make the bateries to replace every car on the road with an electrical one , plus when the materials run low this will affect all products that use a battery, as to how toxic these things are and dangurus to recycle that aparantly is not a concern
its been known about for years that hydrogen power is safe and clean , but untill now it seems theres been no push for it ,theres grants for it now , but why did it take this long its been known about since the 60s ,
lets hope it takes off and fusion gets up and running , before we run out of batteries for all kit , and not leave our kids to clean up the “environmentaly frendly toxic mess” left for them

as to energy prices and economy well how it was handled is a mess , covid should never of gotten to this level , lockdown should have closed borders , way sooner to stop the spread like they did with sars , but instead we got the WHO saying they cant say its gong to be a pandemic till it is , and woe and behold , when they did it they may as well have said you have it , any action to stop a global spread is too late ,

anyway looking forward , is that a light at the end of the tunnel , or is it just another light of an oncomming train , maybe its the trains without lights you need to be mindfull of, they arrive with no warnings, often its better to look at life without tunnel vision and be more optamistic

a game like you said will gain a lot of uses if only to escape the realaty that is not that , like the films where the world is saved by its heros , it may enspire , but genarly not by those who have a position to see it though

You point out a great deal of multi-million dollar future business opportunities here.

Solve this paint problem, get some government contracts and eventually sell this to smaller buyers. And the rest of these things as well. As for the poor, homeless and other disadvantaged people, they are in for incredibly hard times and will have to dig their way out themselves, or suffer, possibly to their death.

Mark my words: There are many new taxes coming on consumption and it will be done through failed leadership, leading to even more chaos. After Iceland crashed in 2008, the government issued a new tax every month for, if I remember it correctly, three years.

Whoever can find the eye in this hurricane and focus for long enough to bring something important and sellable to the market, will shoot to the top of the social hierarchy, financially, like a rocket.

Money, time and energy are all currencies, but the most important currencies are focus, patience, perseverance and resilience. Not to forget how one reacts to overwhelming problems. Many get beaten down emotionally and resort to rage and giving up. I get excited. It’s like an adrenaline rush.

Personally, I find these last two years and the coming two decades to be the most interesting and inspiring time I have seen since my birth in the mid 70’s.

As for covid; 5.64 million people have died according to some numbers I found. During the same time, 6.2 million children under the age of 5 have died from starvation in the world. No outrage, no action, no new legislation, no lockdowns, just total abandonment because they are so far away, hence we don’t care. The hypocrisy with “saving lives” is absolutely stunning.

while the top 0.1% of the ritch earn more than the rest of the worlds population combined , enough money to make everyone in the world with enough to survive at 1st world standards , the polatitions of the world just low payed pupets to there wim , all striving to become part of that eliet club nomater what the cost, human or environmental

i remeber neal amstrong landing on the moon , live on tv back in the day , but seems now its the in thing to discredit that and make out the earth is flat , to what ends , a plot to discredit the science , because people will not trust science over the environment if they beleve it to be fake , social media manipulation by paid for sponsorship from unkown sources
that sells products that the population is brain washed into rejecting the sciance claims of how bad it is

shame the world sucks so much

and aparently the flat earth sociaty boasts membership from all around the globe . hmm let me think about that one

my spell cheker seems to have failed so please forgive any uncorrected mistakes

I ran the numbers and found out that if the entire wealth of the world, including every real/fake money, digital, derivatives, land, the entire thing, was divided evenly between all of us, we land at somewhere right above 16.500 USD.

There is not enough money in the world to end poverty and bring everyone proper healthcare, food, education and a decent basic living. Even if we went 100% global communist without the corruption and tyranny, it still wouldn’t cut it.

Taxing the rich, ie. anyone with more than 100.000 USD in assets, into homelessness, still wouldn’t do the job.

A way forward, is for the poor and up to the working class, to leverage all these free tools, like Unreal, Google Cloud services, information online etc. - to dig their way out. With limited wealth, this can take money from the rich and direct it to the poor. As they grow richer, they will put that money back to where they live, as most of our offline services are acquired in our near environment.

The entire money system is a scam, a hoax. We still have the planet, the hours of the day and our minds. We can utilise ourselves to change things. A bottle of milk has no real money value, it has a calorie and a nutritional value.

I’m tired of these types like Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden and their counterparts around the world. You remembering Neil Armstrong elongates that list by a dozen perhaps. They inspire us to see the flaws in the other side, while neglecting our own shortcomings. It’s a 50% deal at best. Looking into the mirror and say “Look man, your current life is the results of your choices in the past. If it’s your fault, it’s also your responsibility and thereby in your power to change that.” Now that my friend, is a 100% deal.

Now, that change on the personal level can be many years of sacrifices, discomfort, pain and failure. I am at the trail end of a process that began in 2016 and still broke as hell. The difference is that my problems are no longer the fault of other people. I’m not on welfare because of the rich, or because I got ADHD, or had friends with drugs or had the confidence raised out of me as a child. I’m in the current situation right now because I didn’t act in time in the past.

What bothers me most, is that I can’t just snap my fingers and bring everyone out of this hypnotic state provided by the elites, the media, algorithms, snake oil sales men and entertainers.

If that was possible, we’d quickly change the world to a very high standard for all. Starting with the rich not being so afraid of losing what they have. A person can remain poor in their mind and feelings, regardless of being homeless or having a billion dollars to spend.

How did it feel witnessing the moon landing?

As for flat earthers: All I care about in that regards, is if they will play my daughter’s and mine GPS locations game, with ads or a purchase. :sunglasses::moneybag:

anyway game ideas , doing clean up style games , may be and attempt to coherce players into learning tasks they hate , as such you will find they lose interest rather quickly , playing games regardless like gta5 or fallout 76 the grind becomes monotonus , and interest is lost , maybe parts of the game could incoparate some of the features your sujesting but dont make it the main objective , just something that the players will observe , untill they find a way to deal with it as it makes the game a bit messy for them , as to story i would look to making the game world as more of an aftermath of bad managment , and maybe a natrual disaster of two happened that crated the sociaty and story of the game to the way you see it working , gamers are gamers , so a good amount of action ,quests and missions that keep players playing , sounds a good goal

in the game i am planning ,(please respect game rights for the idea) the earth was subject to a metor strike , ships (with goods etc ) flead to deep water to ride out the impending sunamies , and global earthquakes that would follow , most congragated in the weeks prior to a point in the mid pasific, where by chance after the strike , the eathquakes that followed lifted a new contintent out of the ocian , as the ships themselves now left high and dry on this new continent had all the tec needed to rebuild , set in the near future so things like 3d building printers , and an array of new tec , was the cargo of the ships , the game begins a bit further in the future where new small cities and such have been built , while the governments of the rest of the world had long since collapsed unable to cope with the aftermath , multiplayer rpg survival game , with a fair amount of action guarding the new state from rebels and mutated animals from the toxic nuclear winter that followed

a lot of dev work to do alone , but maybe get others interersted when i get some code working , and im suposed to be retiered and this a hobby
at the moment still stuck trying to get UE5 up and running fully so i can start game dev, doing it for my son who will own the rights to it while i am left teaching him programming etc , till the student becomes the master , he already as a good idea of dev work but no real experiance

It’s an interesting idea. I wish you the best in pulling it off. I can imagine many players being excited about pulling off the quests in this. After all, we might very well be creating this future scenario at the moment. It will be great when the many plugins and assets available start working in Unreal 5, such as weather systems, ocean simulations and so forth.

well yea , when looking at a 4 to 5 year dev time for the game UE5 for me seems to be the way to go , as by then next gen consoles should be more the norm , if the econamy has not totaly collapsed when the chip shortage is fixed ,
on the bight side , gpu secondhand prices may drop sooner , given the drop in bitcoin that is making some give up and sell off there mineing gpus while they get more money for secondhand gpus atm than they cost new ,paid £600 for a card that was originaly £300 new, and that was cheap compaired to others the same model i looked at

ocean simulations like costal tides may be fun . flood zones etc , so you learn why certain landsape features usualy can give clues to why a spot is not a good place to build your outpost without water defences , as would tornadoes , that may cause verying levels of damage if your structures fail to offer protection ,when the engine can support such features i guess

but i guess the goal is survival , maybe sort of slightly play and learn but , learn what , skills to survive if it does play out in r/l

if by chance any game dev company likes the idea , and wants to develop it let me know , theres lots of ideas in it have not covered here , i have only one major point i would request , is its a multi platfrom game , not just say xbox or ps5 exclusive ,
saying that my dev box is linux , i know it won’t suport features like lumin and the nanite ,
i dont seethe advantage of the console wars from a software game issue , to exclude one would be to exclude customers that in the end make for less sails , no bussiness sence to software houses , based only on the premis microsoft say they will sell more consoles by making it exclusive content , but the software house may loose 50% of there customers ,

but as i have a ps5 i will be pushing to get my system to compile and build for that as soon as possible even if my workflow path is build on linux , test on ps5 , while the pc graphics market takes its time to support the next gen features that the consoles now do
again maybe in 4 to 5 years , just in time for the game release

maybe this is asking too much atm but its a goal to ether hit or miss allong the way

so is life but a game imortals play to pass the time , the goal ? to have fun ?

as to code optimisaion most modern compilers do this often far better than you could at one time optimise code using asm , its somehting thats been worked on for years , but its safe to say its tough now to improve on what a good optimised compiler produces
ram well as grahics and such get more high res , and gpus to cope with 4k maybe soon 8k or higher will be the new thing , gpu processing power and ram will reflect that , newr gen chips usualy ofer arround double the power processing speed wise , than the previous gen while still taking the same actual electrical power , this is where the savings are made
old games on new platforms , often run at lower power levels than a new top spec game for that platform

long trem if you where to cap the current cpu / gpu 's , as is ,no upgrades , but sucessive chips are going to reduce the overall system power consumption on each future generation of the same chip
down side its just not going to happen ,

the other big tec power user is bit coin mining , in some contries the carbon emmisions for it outway the power used by all other industry there and the carbon footprint for that is huge globaly , i know china shut a lot there down , stealing power from the grid , but did not stop others moving base of op to countries with no laws against it
last time i took a look at bitcoin it would cost you more in electric to mine a coin than the value of it , doing it legit that is , so not worth my time , and bad , realy bad for the environment , why is it needed , ho ok untracable bank transfers , but thre not untracable , keep the punters thinking it is though, hmm ,
safe well when you see some bitcoin like services fold as the company founder ran off with all the profits , well
guess its only a matter of time before it crashes and becomes too expencive to mine and make profits to cover there running costs

its also fair to say the power used by bitcoin mining even in europe , is far greater than the power used by gaming systems , and bitcoin runs 24/7 rather than a few hours each evening like a lot of gamers systems do , therrs a big difference between on person running a gaming system , and a bitcoin miner with a small warehouse runing maybe 1000 gpus mining 24 hrs a day 7 days a week , although by this info i guess you can see its not something you can now just jump in and start a mining business , with your one gpu on your gaming pc it may take a couple of weeks to mine a portion of a coin
and in that time when you get your bill you find it cost more electric to min than its worth , also given the impending electric price rase only those who steal the electric are going to continue , as it wont affect them as they dont pay it , maybe that will be its end as it will be apparent there no way there doing it legaly then ,

if i was to offer advice on what job to go for to someone , i would say look for a job you enjoy doing, money is not everthing , its nice yea , but not everything , a job you find rewarding is way better , just try to stear clear of companies with bosses that like to screw over workers and make it a hell

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hmm another short esay , i have flu , so not up to codeing / software installing at the moment , but need to do something , so forgive the long posts , grammer and spelling errors ,