now i realized that unreal engine use metric

oh dammit, now i have to edit my store description.

i hope my customer didnt get angry.

No, UE4 use CM as units.

csntimeter are metric

Oh, I actually read it metric as meters, not as metric system. :smiley:

Dude same thing lol. But also can’t you actually change the scale so that each unit is a larger measure? I thought you could even change the system to imperial if you really wanted. I always leave it to the default but I could have swore I saw the option to adjust it however in the settings.

There are only 3 countries in the world not adopting metric system, USA being one of them… And really, US should’ve adopted a long long long time ago.


I agree that world needs to embrace metric system, less confusion in future. Pirates was reason why US did not go to metric but these times are over and we are moving to future.

Things are even worse when some parts of America-Inc use Metric and others don’t
Anyone up for a Musk to Mars mission someday? Sure, it’ll all go alright on the night… :stuck_out_tongue:

USA always like to differentiate themselves against the rest of the world… lol.

Well, its good thing that NASA uses the metric system.

I hope blender adopt metric soon.