Novo3d's Digital Destinations : fictional and historical places, in UE4


Hey guys, this is my first thread where I’ll show what we are working on, both WIPs and finished pieces.

**Novo3d ? **
We are a French company specialized in recreating ancient places that do not exist anymore, so people can enjoy them again throught real-time 3D experiences. For those who are interested, here’s a link to our websitefor some examples of our previous work. We used to develop on CryEngine since last year, where we switched over to UE4 and if re-learning everything was not an easy process, it was worth every penny.

Our Digital Destinations
Recently, we started to apply this know-how to fictional places as well, such as famous places shown in movies or tv series. Here’s an example with one of the Cube’s room, from the eponymous movie released in 1997:
For now, it’s only those white and red rooms only, but we plan to expand this a bit with a few more rooms, deadly traps and and a short story.

The upcoming projects
We are working on some more pieces right now, and we’d like to share their process with you guys, as C&C will be most welcome. The biggest upcoming piece will be our 16th century, medieval Paris and thus the porting of this scene to UE4. We plan to add a lot more to that base as we now have dozens more buildings to add. Please keep in mind that our work is based from historical and scientific sources only, so it might be a bit crude and not “game-ready”.

For starters, here’s a screenshot of the houses we’re integrating in the UE4 scene. There’s a lot of work done already to prep the whole scene, which is really larger than what is displayed here. It’s not pretty right now but we’re only at the beginning of the process and it’s really exciting. All the buildings are designed to be at least able to show some stuff inside throught the windows, and at best to allow the player to go inside.

We hope to be able to show more progress really soon. Please don’t hesitate to chime in, we’d be delighted to hear from you guys.

Cheers !

Hey guys,

Here is a new piece we are working on. This one shows an Egyptian place built 5000 years ago, and still around today, called “Saqqarah” or (“Saqqarâ”). 10b0391e8e1865109ed2253befb031d62886f739.jpeg

This scene is 100km² wide, and has been created from all the archaeological and historical data we could gather on this piece. It’s still WIP and a tad too dark in the shadows, but it’s gonna be fixed soon. Amazing lighting capabilities from UE4, really.

Hope you like it. C&C most welcome ! :slight_smile:

Hi guys, here’s a few updates on our “Paris 1572” project. The main building, the Porte Saint-Nicolas, has been modeled after extensive historical research and all UVs have been unwrapped. Here it is ingame, before the whole texturing phase where all buildings will be textured at the same time, so the visual aspect will be constant and homogeneous throughout the whole scene. The colors here just indicate the various materials on the building.

Some screenshots :



C&C most welcome !