(Novice questions) Need help for understanding the starting process of game dev

Hello people,
I am not sure that this is the right place to post such a topic, but anyways i’m continuing ahead. Overall, I am only learning the basics now but I plan to make some kind of a project during my spare time. I am thinking about an rpg genre but I need some help for the process.
First, I’ve made my choice using Daz Studio for creating characters (I’m not quite sure that this is the best choice anyways…). My main question here is what do I need to add to a charter if I am going to import it to Unreal? For example, should I add clothes, hair, etc. because in the base game I would like my characters to put on different clothes, armors, weapons and so on in the future. Should I leave the model nude (or at least with underwear) so I can be able to customize the models later. Second, I have no idea where I should animate the characters. I want to create not only basic animations (I might use premade ones for these) but also custom animations like a combat system. I really need some thoughts if I should create them in Daz or in Unreal Engine. Moreover, I also want to have a create a character system in the game, so I would appreciate if you give me some information and advices for creating it, like which of Daz’s materials, morphs and such should I need for later usage when I get that far.
Thanks in advice!