Novaborn: Conquest of Roraz, Looking for Talent

Thread Title: [UNPAID] Novaborn: Conquest of Roraz, Looking for Talent

My name is Stephen of Raptagon Studios. Novaborn: Conquest of Roraz is a third-person/first-person shooter with massive a.i. battles on land and in space. It is set in a sci-fi medieval universe in the space age. It is inspired by battlefront II and the cancelled battlefront III, but we will be taking the formula to the next level, with a more in-depth galactic conquest system, customizable game modes, multiple classes each with their own weapons and special abilities, and three factions to play as.

Desired Features:
Story campaign
Galactic Conquest.
Instant action
Command a massive A.I. army and battle on land and in space
First person view
Third person view
Land vehicles & Flying vehicles
4 player split screen
Local multiplayer
Up to 4 players on custom matches, 1 v 1 v 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 1, etc. (each team has its own army of bots to command)
Custom game modes such as zombies, juggernaut, capture the flag, and more.

We have a small but ever growing team working on the project, but we are looking for more people to help us make this game a reality. The job is a volunteer position and when we get kickstarted it will be a paid position.

For more information on us you can check us out at:

Facebook: Redirecting...
Instagram: Login • Instagram

E-mail us @ if you’re interested.

Team Name:
Raptagon Studios, LTD.

Team Members:
Stephen (Blueskyline) (Project Creator)
Project Management, Programming & Game Design - 1 year.

Brittany (Mewbits)
Creative Director & Graphic Designer - 1 year.

Writing & World Building - 10 months

Steve, “The Digital Blacksmith”
Weapon, Armor, and Vehicle Concept Artist - 8 months

Programming - 1 month

Texture & Environmental Artist - 1 month.

Shooting you an email :slight_smile: