NotifyActorEndOverlap event triggering with extreme inconsistency

I have a very large trigger volume that is set to “OverlapOnlyPawn” and the NotifyActorEndOverlap function is triggering with EXTREME inconsistency. The NotifyActorBeginOverlap event triggers 100% with no problem. Anyone else ever experience this?

I’m trying to create a map boundary volume, so it needs to be large. Also, my pawn travels very fast; up to 25,000uu per sec. I tried setting the “UseCCD” option to true for both my pawn and the volume. No luck there :confused:

Figured it out…

I’m attaching a “passenger” pawn to my hero character. When my hero character exits the volume, sometimes the “OtherActor” in NotifyActorEndOverlap is the hero character, and sometimes it’s the passenger pawn. I expected my hero character to always get passed into NotifyActorEndOverlap at some point, but it never will in the case where the passenger triggers the event. Don’t know why this is, but I can work with it. Just unexpected behavior.