notify epic on free game release on reddit


I was using unreal engine only for Archviz purposes, as i got deeper into the engine I thought it might be worth to give it a shot developing a game. I mostly tried the project for learning purposes but i thought it might be cool to send it to reddit to get some public opinion. It wasnt really clear if I have to notify epic when Im publishing something like that, I thought i notify anyway but since I dont have a website for the product or even a name I couldnt skip that part to notify. Just wanted to check if its ok. Would be perfect if a staff could answer that.

If you’re releasing something for free you don’t have to contact them at all

them you mean you right?

No, I don’t work for Epic, I’m just a mod

Please see this: Release and Royalty Tracking Guidelines - Unreal Engine

Note that the form is only necessary if you are earning revenue.


perfect, thanks, good to know, it makes the engine even more useful for development.