Notify Epic about Kickstarter Release?

Hi guys I have a quick question,

we are releasing our kickstarter campaign in a few days. Do we have to notify Epic before the start of kickstarter, or is it okay to see if the funding is successful before talking to Epic?

Thanks in advance

Theres that on the devgrant site:

Maybe it helps :3

i think only if it succeeds then you hate to let them know as you have to pay the royalty i believe from the money gained

Do you have to pay royalties for Kickstarter? Seems like contributors are funding a concept, not buying a commercial product. I guess it gets a little messy when you do pre-sales in your Kickstarter though.

edit, RTFAQ:

Notifying doesn’t force you to anything so why not doing it ASAP? If the campaign doesn’t work you could just send another notification telling them that it didn’t work. With the time spent writing this you could just contact them directly, think about that.


please have a look into the EULA. What you will find is:

So the answer is: “Yes, you need to notify Epic about your product, as soon as your backers will get access to your product or any other in-product benefit.”

And also take a look into this document. ->