Notifications about marketplace comments

I’m not sure how much of a nuisance would it be to implement a notification system right now but I think it would be really important to do so. Creators have to check their asset page every day because they don’t know if someone commented (and replying to a comment may get you one more purchase). I hoped to see the many improvements we talked about a couple of months ago but nothing has really changed since then.

i also would like this feature! :slight_smile:

I perfectly agree. it’s something I find very annoying about the marketplace. Keeping track of all our comments and to check if a reply has come, becomes truly impossible after a while. I read this thread started 3 years ago and nothing changed!?? Holy Molly… it’s insane!
Somebody from the Support should read this and give us a feedback. A notifications system should be the basics of any website’s comments system. The “funny” thing is that the forum actually does have it, with that nice little bell. This really makes no sense.
I know reviving a topic is not a good practice, but if we are still sticking with the same old problem reviving it sounds like the right thing to do, to me. We really need that feature.