Notification when process is finished (Email&sound)

Hi RC Team,

i really like your software and despite the fact that it is quicker than others, the estimation is changing while processing a lot. It would be much more comfortable instead of looking at the progressbar just to wait for a notification.

Options could be:

  1. Play a sound when finished or failed

  2. Send an email with the report when finished or failed

Best Regards,

Jan Schroeder showpixelVR

This is obsolete, i guess.  I finally found the topic…

" RC can play a sound or execute an external program after processing finishes "

Where do i find these options?

Workflow - Application - Progress en notification

The way the menus are distributed takes a bit of getting used to…  :slight_smile:

Thanks to the search I found the answer ( I had the same question - just to say the support is really well done here guys :)