Noticable fade-in when using 'Value (Float)' to trigger a sound

I noticed when triggering a sound (e.g. noise) with the Value (Float) function, there seems to be a noticable fade-in / attack of about 10 milliseconds. This does also happen when using the AD Envelope with 0 seconds attack. Although when having no trigger and just routing the noise directly to Out, there is no fade-in.
Is this issue known and is there a solution to trigger it instantaneously?


I get slightly different values. With 0 - 1 transition the time is 10ms but with 1 - 1 it’s instantaneous. With the audio EG I get 2.5ms with a 0.0 time and 2.8 ish with 0.0001. As an envelope is a transition between trigger and start of the EG I’m OK with that and any delay
< 3ms tend to not have much of an impact unless the frequency is fixed and the phase is inverted. But yes, no latency is always preferred.