Nothing rendered in Velocity Pass from Sequencer

I’m struggling to render a velocity pass out of Sequencer. The rendered frame is always a single color with out any information in it. If I animate the camera it does give me some flat information in the render. Howver it never gives me velocity of objects animating in frame. Is this by design? I’m looking to render the equivalent of a “motion vector pass” in other packages.

Does it require more setup on the Composure side of things? I’m pretty new at tying Unreal into a VFX pipeline so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Figured it out! You have to setup an unlit, post process material and plug it into your render options to get this pass to work. Use the the Scene Texture node with velocity setting. Hopefully this is helpful to someone. There didn’t seem to be any documentation about this.

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Thank you for posting this . It did indeed help.


How did you plug into the render options the Post Process Material? Is it in the Additional Post Process Material? I can´t get this to work. Thank you! I´m using Unreal 5.

Hi, did you manage to fix this? I’m getting a blank yellow frame when rendering a motion vector pass.