Nothing on my Level is visible on Perspective or camera view after UE restart

Any Idea what the heck is going on here? :confused:;base64

After enabling the HDRIbackdrop plugin and restarting Unreal Engine my level shows nothing on the Perspective or camera viewport.
I can see all my meshes and lights and cameras and everything on the World Outliner but my Perspective or camera viewport only shows the Atmospheric Fog

Not even focus selected will show any of my objects on the level on the Perspective or camera viewport.
After scratching my head for a while I switched my view layout to a 4 pane view and I can see all my scene in the orthographic views but nothing on my Perspective or camera view.

Wow and this forum is telling me that the 335KB jpg I want to attach to this post exceeds the limit of 781.3 KB :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Another WTF moment right there :confused:

Check a screen capture here: Desktop 2021.01.20 - - Google Drive

Same thing again!

I started another project from scratch and manage to render the sequence before restarting Unreal and after closing Unreal and launching it again to reopen my โ€œFinishedโ€ project I canโ€™t see anything in the perspective or the camera viewport :confused:

Is this thing only happening to me?

Did you try to delete the fog?