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Hi folks im creating anew zombie survival game based in the uk. sort of like 28 days later. These games always seem to be set in the us. I want to create something diffrent for people to enjoy from the uk or elsewhere. Will keep you updated with the project could use help as i am on my own in this project will upload some screenshots. :slight_smile:

Wow! It was clear from the imagery that these were UK styled buildings, and as somebody from the UK I would love to experience hacking zombies apart in London! Keep up the good work buddy! :slight_smile:

Thank you will be uploading more images to today still a lot of work to do. will be adding council estates. road textures.

ive added more pics

Some of the bloom that you have in the images you have posted is pretty distracting, try to make use of the post-processing volumes to better control how some of the light is being processed. May even help with adjusting the eye adaptation on the camera as well granted I know this is still in the early stages but never hurts to get some feedback out there.

Thanks for the information. Ive not stated with processing yet still very early. but will do.

Still needs work.

as a fellow brit i love the fact that this is clearly set here love it !!!

Thank you still hard at work. Will post some more pics maybe tonight.

Still needs post pro and textures bits and bobs.

looking good very excited to see this progress

Looks good, any social media links to follow?

I am writing a novel on post apocalyptic zombie filled world myself. Trying to get into Unreal Engine as well so I can make some real scenes to reflect certain scenes/chapters of my book.

I Have added better road texture now will add pics.

I Have added better road texture now will add pics.

More photos of work in progress.

Will keep you all updated.

Making new assets we know how long it takes lol. still working on it .:slight_smile:

More progress still ongoing.