Nothing Left Progress

Hello again ive, been working not stop on this game up to four even five in the morning. I have some new screen shots for you all to see I will upload a video of the game on youtube, my Harddrive has just blown so only working with one now which slows down my video capture but will still try to upload.HighresScreenshot00001.pngHighresScreenshot00003.pngHighresScreenshot00006.pngHighresScreenshot00008.png



Yeesh! That gas station is creepy.

Your atmosphere is looking quite beautiful!

Thank you.

More work done soon be in alpha stage.

Just building the tower blocks. and council estate at the moment.

HighresScreenshot00029.png More pwork.

As you can see I have created quite a large area to explore so far but it will be much bigger. will have old ruins such as castles, churches,Tudor housing. i am placing as much realism in to this game to make you feel you are actually in the uk. It will be a new experiance for those of you from diffrent countries. Because games are never really set here. If you do live here and have an idea of what she be added please send me a post. Thank. Beta test phase is on the way soon enough.HighresScreenshot00035.pngHighresScreenshot00033.pngHighresScreenshot00032.pngHighresScreenshot00030.png

HighresScreenshot00034.png Another pic

HighresScreenshot00039.pngHighresScreenshot00038.pngHighresScreenshot00037.pngHighresScreenshot00036.png More pics still WIP…

Great updates! (Just got your PM, as well).

The town reminds me of a novel I read quite some time ago. It was probably by Stephen King or one of his contemporaries. I must find it and share!

Hi folks graphics card blew had to get a new one. Still creating nothing left.

Wow…this is looking awesome! Any hints on the story yet???

yeah i have a story.

Hello all

My graphics has blew waiting in new one. i have not give up this project i will making it for vive an the rift. aswell. very sorry about this.

Back in buisness. now supports vr. Games also having a face lift.

Very nice looking work.

Thanks dingo.

Got lot more done dried to add photos but unreal forums playing up. I will try again tommrow thanks all.