Notepad++ with Unreal Engine?

As a foreword, I am no tech genius or anything, so if my question sounds stupid I am very sorry. Basically, I am not able to download Visual Studio because I am having issues with it recognizing certain things, and need an alternative. I have a Windows OS, and have notepad++ installed which I can use to create c++ code. My question is, does Unreal Engine have it’s own c++ compiler, and if it does how would I I guess import the scripts I wrote in notepad? And if it does not have one, I know there is a way to compile c++ code within the computer using the command prompt, how would I insert these compiled program within UE4. Again I apoligize if my question doesn’t make sense and I can clarify as best I can if needed. Thank you.

Yes, you can use the commandprompt together with Notepad++
But you have to have the VS compiler installed i think.

Have a look at this:

What issues are you having with Visual Studio? You need to solve those, rather than setup a convoluted compile pipeline.

Unreal does not have its own compiler.

As mentioned earlier, you want to use visual studio on windows.

Ok, well I got virtual studio working somehow again. Thank you for the replies, sorry.

Just asked a question.
Nothing to be sorry about :slight_smile:
Also,Notepad++ as basic IDE.