"Note: This is a data only blueprint" Request

This is a (hopefully) simple settings based request. Would it be possible to make it so that when the message: “Note: This is a data only blueprint, so the default values are shown. It does not have any scripts or variables, if you want to add some, Open Full Blueprint Editor” appears that there is a check box that can be selected to make it so that the blueprint always goes to the Full Blueprint Editor. My ideal ideal would be to have a global settings check box that allows me to always go directly to the full Blueprint editor, I never intend to see the data only version of a blueprint personally as I much prefer the interface of the full Blueprint editor, even when I don’t have the intention of actually adding any variables or scripts, I really hate the super elongated defaults menu (because the details panel now spans the entire screen) that the data only blueprint shows.

Thank you for the consideration.

Hello Cidubic,

I was looking over your post and I thought that your request sounded reasonable. I have written up a feature request (UE-13913) and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. Thank you for your time and information.

Make it a great day

Hi, is there a setting now to default this? We keep on adding empty functions to derived classes and blueprints to get to the viewport to move things around,

extra clicks is not so good when having to do this every time the editor is re-opened.

after 30 or so hot deploys|reloads makes the editor crash means we also cant stay in editor too long for c++. compounded if you are making GUI changes hot deploy|reload basically bricks the editor and you have to re-open anyway, then all tabs reopen with data only,

once you click on them they change their order to the end of the tab list, in stead of in place, so tab order is also kind of meaningless and you gotta wrangle the ones with data mode first.
then move your original tabs back to their order;.

every time you reload.

working on 3 or 4 blueprints at a time for HUD and reusable HUD components, this is def not very conducive to productivity and it becomes a massive focus draining chore to use the editor just to move a few things on the screen, after changing a one liner.