Not Yet Lightmap Tools

LightMap Tools will be helpful for you if you use baked lights but you don’t have a render farm to build.

It allows you to build lights only for the selected level part you are working on.
By setting other actors Lightmap Resolution to 1 it drastically decreases build time.
This way you can quickly iterate and see the result without the need to rebake the entire level.

Current plugin version: 2.1
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  • Quick light bake for a part of your level
  • Tools for editing Lightmap Resolution on your level actors

Video Demonstration:

  • Quick Bake
  • Optimize

Example Project : 4.26 version or 4.25 version or 4.24 version (must own the plugin to make it work )
Contact: Discord or here in this forum post


We just added a new box selection mode to the Lightmap tools.

In this mode you can use a box (brush, volume, triggerbase, etc) as the selector for meshes, so every mesh that is inside the box can be selected.
This is very useful if you have some volume that engulfs an area and you only want to select meshes from inside that volume.

Plugin was updated for UE 4.23

Please update this great tool for 4.26

Once 4.26 is oficially released I can update it on the marketplace, otherwise I can’t submit it because the marketplace won’t allow me to.