Not updating materials

Good morning all,

I am little confused on why things are not updating in my view port. If you look at the examples I attached you will see what I mean. I select a mesh and go to edit it. I change the material and save it in the edit window. Looks fine in the edit window but not in the main view.

Is there a setting a turned off in the main view by accident?

I am using 4.20.3 w datasmith


One other thing…even after I bake the scene the materials still do not update. Anyone?

Seems like its a 4.20.3 issue for me. I created a new project in 4.19.2 and everything seems fine. Not sure if this is bug? I would assume people have already run into this.


HI there ,

This is a known issue and is fix in the upcoming 4.21 release.
No official date yet, but look for it probably in early November.

Is it in the datasmith plugin?