Not true

Im sorry everyone export from Blender to UE4 doesnt exist, i was lead astray when i really thought it was legit, i rendered something in Blender2.92, and follow the imaginary Blender to UE4 tutoriel, then i checked my UE4 and nothing, i ask Blender forum they dont support that.

It’s a addon made by Epic, that’s why it’s nothing to due with Blender people. It’s available via Epics GitHub and you install it as you would any Blender addon.

Here is a little more information regarding the Blender Addons. The blog also contains the link to the GitHub branch for the Blender Tools.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sorry that GitHub branch ljnk has a 404.

I can confirm the link does work. Have you linked your Epic account with your Github account?


Yes i did years ago.

Would you mind double-checking that this is still the case? As the link should work, providing your account is linked.

I just check Github say disconnect, i click on that it say about if i disconnect.

You need to be logged in to github, with the account that is linked to the EPIC account.

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I just clicked on the Github link i saw 404 so i log in go to file, add file and code in the EpicGames/ BlenderTools.