Not to sure how to start Blueprinting some gameplay elements

Hello everyone. I have been lurking around the forums for a while in an attempt to find a starting point for a Blueprint that I need to make for a gameplay mechanic. Alas, I have not been able to find anything and am very new to Blueprint and do not know myself where to begin. So I turn to this fine community for any shred of assistance.

The mechanic I am looking to accomplish contains the following:

The player (a flying ship) needs to fly near one of the two side barriers of a level (think something to the effect of being caged in) and press Left Mouse Button in order to begin “dragging” a different colored barrier to the opposite side. The barrier that is being “dragged” will connect to the other side once the player is within a close distance to the opposite barrier. Once that occurs, the newly connected barrier is fully formed and allows the player to pass through freely.

The other mechanic that is associated with the barrier drag is that when an enemy AI collides with the incomplete, “dragging” barrier, the player dies.

Additional “I do not know where to start” question: Once the player creates these barriers to effectively “seal off” a certain percentage of the level, the mission is successful, a timer begins to count down and the player now has a certain amount of time to get back to the start of the level.

I understand these are lofty and complex questions but any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.

So kind of the same idea as Qix?

Similar to that except the player will be free flying (not on rails).

There are a lot of ways to do this… too many in fact. You have to go to the Unreal Engine channel on You Tube and watch those videos. It’s not that complicated, just way to long winded to explain. All you’re doing is creating triggers though. One attached to the player that will ‘grab’ things, one attached to that ‘thing’s destination’ that will register proper placement, and one that keeps track of the player’s progress. All of this stuff can be found in the content examples on the marketplace and all over the web. What you may have to do is figure out the specifics and adapt things that aren’t exactly what you want.

No doubt what I am attempting to do may be easy but unfortunately it is simply not appearing to be so for me. I have went through the videos on the Unreal YouTube channel as well as other user videos but I have not been able to find a video that, as far as I can tell, utilizes the same mechanics. It is entirely possible that due to my ignorance I am simply missing the appropriate video.