Not sure which IP address to use for main menu editable text enter to join a session

Hi everyone,
I am sitting in a Starbucks with WiFi.
Want to package my little mp Unreal game and create a listening server on my own machine.
Invite a friend in the same city but not in Starbucks to join session and spawn his character
into match / session.
I checked and I have several different IP address and not sure which one to have him type into
an editable text box on the main menu screen to join my session. That will fire off a console
command to have his game join me.

This is what I see on my Windows 10 laptop:
Your public IP address XX.XXX.XXX.XXX
Link-local IPv6 address: XXXX::XXXX:XXXX:XXXX:XXXXXXX
IPv4 address: XXX.XX.XX.XXX
IPv4 servers: XXX.XX.XXX.XXX

Can anyone tell me which IP address my friend should enter on the main menu to join my session or wont any of those work?
That is what I see on my Windows 10 machine while sitting in Starbucks.

So it looks like none of those would work if I host.
So it looks like I will either have to host from a residential address or have the friend with residential internet host and do the port forwarding on his end.

You can use the ip address which you see in the ipconfig command when you enter it in cmd. Make sure the port is also mentioned

So both me and my friend got black screens when we tried to connect to each other. I tried to host first, sent him my IP he got black screen and then he tried to host and I tried to join and I got a black screen. The part that worked was we were both able to log onto the VPN I created with Hamachi