Not sure where to report copyrighted material used in a package.

I noticed one of the glowing logo’s on the hood of one of these vehicles looked incredibly familiar.
Seems the logo is from “One Piece”, more specifically White Beard’s pirate insignia.

Here’s a comparison shot:


Yeah that’s definitely worrisome. The comment about doing things to avoid triggering copyright is also pretty indicative IMO. I doubt anything will be done however. More and more copyrighted materials keep slipping through the cracks. I sent an email about this product’s use of the Dragon Age Inquisiton cover art earlier in the month and it’s still there. These kinds of products hurt the marketplace overall. Even more so when nothing is done when it’s brought to attention.

Yeah, I get a bit triggered when I see this kind of stuff. I can live with lower quality products (Although sometimes you only find out the actual quality when being able to view them inside the editor) but this puts the risk onto the developer. I still put the UE4 marketplace higher on the quality scale in general but it does worry me. I shouldn’t have to worry about this kind of stuff and I hate seeing content creators such like yourself put alongside these guys who clearly aren’t suited to put out a professional package. I rather not have what I need than something crappy that I can’t use but that’s me I guess.


Thank you for letting us know, we will be investigating further and taking any necessary action.

In the future, if you see any copyright or trademark issues, please submit a support case at the site below to make sure our team gets the report.

Just click “Create Case”.