Not sure if this is a bug or is working as intended

Hey Guys, I’m trying to use the custom movement mode on the CharacterMovement, here’s the blueprint:

The issue is, on “UpdateCustomMovement” event, the Input is already consumed, as far as I know (reading docs etc) since it’s in custom mode it shouldn’t be consumed automatically allowing it to be consumed by the call of CharacterMovement > ConsumeImputVector, am I correct here?

“AddMovementInput” does replicate the input right out the box, but as shown in the log nor Pending or Last Input has values on the server, which makes be believe it isn’t replicating if the Movement Mode is set to Custom, I’m wondering if this is a bug, perhaps.

In resume, what I want is just to be able to handle the player input inside the UpdateCustomMovement on the client and server.

Thank you!