not sure if I should use a blueprint or C++

Hey I am new to UE4 and am not sure if I should use C++ or a blueprint for the cyclical floods of the nile. I should mention my game is getting to a point where I can start think about scripting the floods. Also I was wondering how do I script events for a river the size of the Nile.

I’m not sure I have the answer to that, but to flesh things out a bit, what genre of game are we talking about, and what will the river flooding entail exactly?

Start doing it in blueprints. If it gets too messy or complicated, then recode it on C++. Normally its easier to do it in blueprints first unless you are experienced with C++

C++ for programmer tasks, blueprints for artists tasks.

Do not try to write everything in blueprints and then convert them to c++, it’s just a waste of time.

I will say one thing, C++ sure can pack a punch. Firstly, what are the floods?

The floods are caused by yearly monsoons in the Congo and the Nubian jungle. they usually travel across the savanna and become hurricanes in the atalanic. Before the Egyptian government built the dams and levees in the 1960s, there used to be yearly floods which deposited silt; the silt was high in nutrients and somewhat basic (as in the ph scale). The silt was run off from the jungle floor.

an open sandbox, city-builder, survivle game.

sorry it took so long to respond to everyone.